Dandelion Root 250mg 60 Caps

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Dandelion offers users a broad and varied set of benefits, all of which are contained within the easy to swallow and fast release capsule.


  1. Provided in an easily consumable capsule that rapidly releases the supplement.
  2. A herb which is very traditional
  3. A claim to fame is centuries of use in both the East and West
  4. 250 mg of powdered dandelion root is contained in each capsule

Dandelion is something which has been used for centuries in herbalism from both Eastern and Western places. Of course, it’s highly recognisable due to its yellow colouring and commonality in many places around the world. It’s used in tea and food, as well as the ever popular dandelion and burdock.

Each of the 60 capsules contains a 250 mg serving of the dandelion root in an easy to swallow design.