Hempseed Oil 1000mg 100 Caps

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Hempseed oil provides a superior balance of omega 3 and 6, contained within an easy to swallow capsule.


  1. One of the best selling items in our selection
  2. Provides you with the exact levels of omega 3 and 6 for essential supplies of fatty acids
  3. 1000 mg distributed in a rapid release capsule

This is considered to be a great alternative to fish oils, primarily because it does not have the same odour which comes from fish.

Hempseed oil has been designed to provide you with sufficient levels of both omega 3 and omega 6, which are delivered in the form of alpha linolenic acid and gamma linoleic acid respectively.

This is a food supplement. However, it is not suitable substitution for regular exercise and a good diet. Breastfeeding or pregnant women are encouraged to seek out medical advice before starting to consume any supplements. Supplements should be stored in a place which is out of reach of children, and is also cool and dry. It is essential that you do not exceed the recommended dose and that you also follow all guidelines for consumption.