Milk Thistle 2000mg 120 Tabs

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A highly popular food supplement, milk thistle comes in highly powerful 2000mg tablets, which contain a 20:1 extract which is equal to 2000 mg of dried seed.


  1. An extremely popular food supplement
  2. Extremely powerful to ensure a sufficient amount taken in
  3. Extract is 20x and extremely concentrated
  4. Equal to 2000 mg of whole dried seed

A herb which is known for purple flowers and a set of milky markings on its leaves, Milk Thistle is a highly popular supplement.

Each of our 120 capsules provides you with 2000 mg of the milk thistle. This means that you’ll be getting an extract which is equal to 20 of the seeds.

This is a food supplement. However, it is not suitable substitution for regular exercise and a good diet. Breastfeeding or pregnant women are encouraged to seek out medical advice before starting to consume any supplements. Supplements should be stored in a place which is out of reach of children, and is also cool and dry. It is essential that you do not exceed the recommended dose and that you also follow all guidelines for consumption.