Muscle Moose Muscle Mouse 750g

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With our NEW Muscle Mousse® dessert, puddings are firmly back on the menu!

This high protein, gluten free mousse can be enjoyed at absolutely any time of the day – including before bed – mixing in seconds and setting in minutes for a tasty, nutritious treat WITHOUT the guilt.

This unique dessert mousse contains a scientific blend of strategic timed-release proteins formulated to deliver nutrients to your bod over a period of hours including:

  • Whey Protein
  • Micellar Casein from Swiss grass-fed dairy cattle
  • Egg Protein

It’s also fortified with muscle building and developing BCAAs (Leucine, Isoleucine and Valine) AND it’s even great for your gut ensuring optimum health and performance thanks to DigeZyme® digestive enzymes and LactoSpore® probiotics.

And the benefits don’t stop there…

Due to its unique formulation and optimum protein delivery system, Muscle Mousse® can even be used as a meal replacement helping you to control your weight as part of a healthy balanced diet.

It won’t even cause a dreaded insulin spike or fill you up on unwanted calories because it uses the all-natural, ZERO GI, ZERO Carb, ZERO Cal sweetener Stevia and reduced levels of sucralose!

Plus, and this is the best part, it comes in SEVEN delicious flavours, including refreshing Strawberry, silky Milk Chocolate and smashing Snickers…

All you have to do is pick your fave then shake it up in your shaker and allow to set in fridge for a delicious dessert with body boosting benefits to boot.