Musclesport BCAA Revolution 450g

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BCAA Revolution is a potent 10:1:1 BCAA which can help you recover more quickly between sets by rapidly providing your body essential amino acids that get used up quickly during exercise and which then leads to a reduction in your performance levels. By using a Leucine rich BCAA blend and Glutamine, you benefit both from muscle building and anti-fatigue nutrients in a single product. With the addition of an electrolyte blend to maintain optimal hydration levels, BCAA Revolution can help avoid loss of performance and cramping which can occur when salts are lost in sweat.

This is a product designed for use during workouts but which can also be used outside of the workout period to support enhanced recovery and muscle building. Being stimulant free it can be used in the evening as well as by dieters seeking a way to help preserve muscle mass with a lower calorie drink compared to a protein shake.