Muscletech Cell Tech 1.4kg

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Creatine + Training = THE PERFECT STORM

1 - Creatine increases physical performance in successive bursts of short-term, high intensity exercise. In order to achieve the desired effect a daily intake of 3 g of creatine much be reached.



CELL-TECH is a scientifically engineered hardcore creatine formula that is patent-protected and contains core ingredients supported by research. Each two-scoop serving of CELL-TECH delivers 5g of HPLC-certified creatine monohydrate and 5g of creatine citrate. This dose of creatine is far higher than most creatine products, and yet those creatine products don’t utilize a delivery system! Ask yourself, how much creatine from these untested formulas is actually making its way to where it needs to go?

CELL-TECH delivers a multi-stage combination of carbohydrates, including glucose polymers, dextrose, ModCarb (oat bran, quinoa, buckwheat, millet), waxy maize and highly branched cyclic dextrin totaling 75g per two scoops.

In fact, based on available published research, CELL-TECH is the fastest acting, most powerful advanced creatine formula, and once you see how dramatically and rapidly CELL-TECH can help transform your performance, you won’t want to consider using anything else!1