NaughtyBoy Menace Start Warz M.O.B

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MENACE presents Start Warz M.O.B (Murder Of Blackcurrant).

Start Warz M.O.B is without doubt the most intense Menace released to date. M.O.B is fierce packing a synergistic blend of stimulants accumulating to an impressive 1.2 grams. But as you will know we are never just about STIMS in a can!

Ever experienced a PUMP from 5 grams of nitrates?

Well neither had we until we recently worked on M.O.B, the combination of the 5g nitrates and a massive 8 grams of Citrulline shows we are not playing when it comes to Sick Pump's.

With Start Warz M.O.B we are looking to maximise strength, endurance and performance. The BETABro Complex brings 3500mg of Beta-Alanine and 500mg of Orotic Acid, this combination may assist you with muscular strength and endurance, regulating ATP levels, increasing glucose uptake and decreasing fatigue.

Start Warz M.O.B takes focus and mood modulation to new heights. M.O.B presents huge dosages of Lions Mane, DMAE bitartrate and L-Tyrosine, this combination will keep your mind sharp, crisp and clean cut making sure your workout is your focal point. Lastly an industry first for BrainBerry® This natural Aronia Berry Extract crosses the blood brain barrier systemically enhancing brain perfusion and increasing oxygen uptake. Once in the brain Cyanidin-3-0-galactoside lowers the activity of the enzyme acetyl choline esterase, keeping choline levels and brain signalling activity on point.