Olimp xplode Pump 300g

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Pre-workout powder Pump Xplode 300g OLIMP Supplements

PUMP XPLODE is an absolute novelty in the approach of Olimp Labs specialists. Assumptions provide an answer to the problems you report, which you experience using other of these types of stacks!

  What we have achieved: The main task of PUMP XPLODE is to obtain the maximum muscle pump. The combination of precise doses of the main precursors nitric oxide (NO) - AAKG and L-citrulline Malate - makes PUMP XPLODE guarantee a real blow of power and strength to perform the toughest training. Increased transport of nutrients along with blood will cause our muscles to get support to overcome the barriers that until now seemed impossible. The black pepper extract containing piperine will additionally increase the assimilation of the remaining PUMP XPLODE ingredients. WHAT'S VERY IMPORTANT - PUMP XPLODE DOES NOT CONTAIN CAFFEINE, so it can be used in the evening, it will not make it difficult to fall asleep. Here's the answer to what you were looking for! Improving strength and training strength. Mega vascularisation that will impress not one DZIK in the gym. From the first use you will fall in love with your new ally on the way to the best training in life!