PRO-Billion Enzymes 60 Caps

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The friendly bacteria which is found in the body is sometimes known as a probiotic. They play a big role in digestion and you need plenty of them. As a food supplement, our tablets will provide you with 1 billion bacteria units! It aids in supporting all of the flora in your gut, and is concealed within a capsule suitable for vegetarians.


  1. A capsule which is safe for vegetarians to consume
  2. Strong enough to only need one each day
  3. Full of friendly bacteria which aid in digestion
  4. 1 billion viable bacteria contained within each capsule

Lactobacillus acidophilus is known more widely as “friendly bacteria” and reside in the stomach of every human being. These bacteria are supposed to be inside you, and help with digestion, but you can sometimes run out of them, which means it’s harder to break down food. Normally, you’d replenish them with probiotic yoghurts, but in this case you can do it with a capsule.

Our capsules contain a staggering 1 billion units of friendly bacteria, all of which will help to aid your digestion.