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ProSupps' glucose disposal agentProSupps I-Load is the anabolic maximizer that took the market by storm. I-Load, otherwise known as ‘insulin load’ has been formulated by ProSupps to increase the insulin sensitivity of the user, which ultimately forces carbohydrates and other nutrients of an anabolic nature, such as amino acids and creatine, into the muscle tissue.increase your insulin sensitivityWithin the body, the most potent anabolic hormone is insulin with regards to its ability to increase levels of protein synthesis and prevent protein breakdown, as well as transporting the anabolic nutrients. Anyone with knowledge of the effects of insulin will know that it has the ability to promote an insane level of glycogen pump when combined with the hyper loading of nutrients post workout. The nutrient transportation benefits of insulin as already mentioned can also be of benefit due to nutrient partitioning effect that it promotes, resulting in the transportation of food as well as stored food energy into muscle building activity instead of storing it as fat. Supplementation with ProSupps I-Load will allow you to benefit from:
What are the main benefits of ProSupps I-Load:
  • The carbohydrate transportation effect
  • An insane level of skin splitting pumps
  • Allows for glucose and amino acid hyper loading
  • I-Load force feeds muscle hypertrophy