Selenium 100mcg, Zinc and Yeast 100 Tabs

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Selenium is an immensely powerful antioxidant. It’s benefits include contributing to healthy nails and hair, as well as normal immune system function and thyroid function.


  1. Supplemented by zinc for added benefits
  2. Each tablet contains a full 100% NRV dose of selenium
  3. Healthy nails and hair, normal immune system function and thyroid function are all benefits of selenium
  4. Zinc helps to provide a lot of the benefits that selenium does

A trace element within the body, selenium is a very powerful and highly useful antioxidant. It protects the cells from the risk of over oxidative stress. It also helps to contribute to the normal growth and function of hair, nails, immune system and thyroid.

Each of the 100 tablets will provide you with a full dose of selenium, with everything you need in just one tablet. They’re also infused with zinc, which means that you’ll get twice the benefits for hair and the other areas, which further bolsters the brilliance of this particular supplement.

This is a food supplement. However, it is not suitable substitution for regular exercise and a good diet. Breastfeeding or pregnant women are encouraged to seek out medical advice before starting to consume any supplements. Supplements should be stored in a place which is out of reach of children, and is also cool and dry. It is essential that you do not exceed the recommended dose and that you also follow all guidelines for consumption.