Combat Fuel Pumped Up V2 450g

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This is a full spectrum stimulant free pump pre-workout. Everything you’d expect in a pre-workout simply minus the stimulants making is a perfect go-to for late-night training as well as its intended use as an incredible pump pre-workout. You will experience the craziest skin splitting pumps imaginable with this product!

Combining increased nitric oxide production alongside hyper hydrating, your muscles will feel ‘PUMPED-UP’ beyond anything imaginable throughout the duration of your workout and for some time after. PUMPED-UP increases cellular volumisation of the muscle cell and when combined with increased blood flow its results in the skin splitting pumps and incredible vascularity.

You MUST be well hydrated to use this product or you will not experience the full effect and risk headaches. We recommend storing this product in the fridge to help prevent clumping.

Pumped-Up CAN and WILL settle into a wet sand like texture, this is perfectly normal due to the ingredients used.