Conteh Sports Organ Defence

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Organ Defence is built specifically for its title benefit of organ health, coming packed full of reliable ingredients and respectable dosages to support and protect vital organs such as the liver, heart, and kidneys.

Conteh Sports Organ Defence is backed by five key components, and again, like most of the supplements in its lineup, they’re made up of effective ingredients in solid amounts. It is one of the rare organ health products to include TUDCA at half a gram a serving, which is typically sold by itself, as it can be reasonably priced, with the likes of Competitive Edge Labs selling bottles of 30 servings at half a gram each.

The formula driving the benefits in Organ Defence doesn’t end there for Conteh Sports; alongside the half a gram of premium TUDCA, you get another half a gram of hibiscus, a gram of n-acetyl cysteine, more briefly referred to as NAC, 200mg of morinda officinalis, and last but not least, 100mg of celery seed.

Altogether everything looks to help with liver detoxification as well as improve and support kidney function, blood pressure maintenance, and cardiovascular health.