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SEND IT® is an ULTRA premium GDA (Glucose Disposal Agent) containing five highly effective ingredients. SEND IT® contains ingredients that could increase glucose optimisation, may improve body composition, may improve insulin sensitivity and may improve overall health.

There are three key reasons why we have not used standard berberine, firstly the supply chain of standard berberine is very inconsistent and also unreliable. It has been published that 40 different products containing standard berberine were tested and only 3 products shown to contain pure berberine. This shows that as a consumer you can not be certain you are actually consuming pure berberine, with SEND IT® we got you covered! Secondly standard berberine has terrible bioavailability, GlucoVantage® has been proven in studies to be 5 x more bioavailable. Standard berberine has been shown to cause severe gastrointestinal discomfort, with dihydroberberine this is something you don't have to worry about.

What are the benefits of CinnulinPF®?

CinnulinPF® has been shown in studies to decrease fasting blood sugar levels, studies also show changes to body fat and lean mass significantly when supplementing with CinnulinPF®. CinnulinPF® has shown benefits in hormone balance in women, supports antioxidant defences, supports healthy aging and supports healthy gut microbiota.

Why do we use ChromaX® and not standard Chromium Picolinate?

ChromaX® Chromium Picolinate doesn’t just have moderately better absorption than other forms of chromium - it is absorbed up to 15x better, providing optimal bioavailability and effectiveness to users.

As ChromaX® is absorbed into the bloodstream, its unique structure promotes optimal insulin function. The effect ChromaX® has over insulin leads to healthier blood sugar levels, more efficient carbohydrate metabolism, reduced caloric intake and improved muscle maintenance during weight loss.