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AmentoPump® is the plant essence of Selaginella tamariscina, containing amentoflavone whose “claim to fame” is the ability to directly enhance strength. AmentoPump® has some very interesting properties, varying from increased fat breakdown to vasodilation, which may also increase the body's ability to get nutrients into muscle cells. AmentoPump® is an incredibly potent and multi-functional ingredient. It has the added benefits of aiding with fat loss and improving insulin sensitivity, making it an optimal ingredient in any pre workout or fat burner. 

Multiple Functions of AmentoPump®:

- Bigger Pumps. The pump has the huge benefit of stimulating a greater mineral intake by muscle cells and blood flowing into the muscle that feeds it. This is why it looks like your muscles actually grow while you experience 'the pump' AmentoPump® is a very effective nitric oxide pump enhancer because it inhibits PDE while blocking the metabolism of cAMP and cGMP. As a result, your dilated veins allow blood to flow more freely, giving you monster pumps.
- Greater vasodilation. Being a PDE inhibitor, specifically PDE-5, amentoflavone increases vasodilation which results in bigger and badder pumps during training due to the increased blood flow reaching the muscles. More blood flow also means more nutrients are shuttled to the muscle allowing you to work out for longer periods of time.
- Improved Fat Loss By blocking PDE with AmentoPump®. You will get a double negative at cAMP levels, resulting in a positive increase. This results in stimulation of fat loss. Increased lipolysis AmentoPump® indirectly increases cAMP levels in adipose tissues which subsequently activates a variety of transcription factors and other enzymes in the RNA. This chain reaction results in greater lipolysis, the breakdown and release of stored fat from those pesky trouble spots. Reduced fatty acid synthesis AmentoPump® has demonstrated the ability to inhibit fatty acid synthase, a target for metabolic syndrome, which is responsible for the endogenous synthesis. It acting on the opposite side of the coin by preventing the body from forming new fatty acids.
- Enhanced Muscular Strength & Endurance. AmentoPump® has a well-documented effect on vasodilation as described above. The well-documented mechanism of increasing exercise performance helps supply meet the demand of exercising muscle tissue. In addition to this,
AmentoPump® provides a relatively unique mechanism for increasing power output: increased Ca2+ release from the sarcoplasmic reticulum. By increasing intracellular Ca2+ downstream of the signal for muscle contraction, binding to troponin-C is increased and the force of muscular contraction, on a cell-by-cell basis.
- Increased Ca2+ release. The key to a full and complete muscular contraction is the release of calcium into the muscle cells. The more calcium available at the muscle's disposal, the greater the force of the contraction. AmentoPump® is a good alternative to ordinary pre-workout supplements filled with caffeine. It helps direct calcium right to the muscle cells, which is a weapon you should
take advantage of. AmentoPump® is far more effective. Unlike caffeine though, amentoflavone is 20 times more effective at raising calcium concentrations than that of its stimulating counterpart.

Usual dosage for AmentoPump® is 200mg, but our product contains an industry leading dosage of 300mg per 2 capsules. We have gone 100mg above what most brands will give you. Even at 1 capsule, you get 150mg and 60 servings!