BSN Syntha 6 Edge 1.8 kg

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Syntha 6 Edge is a premium protein product from BSN, offering users the chance to provide their muscles with the protein they are looking at, in a tasty shake! Never before has a protein shake been as full of flavour, you’ll enjoy drinking this industry-changing shake as if it’s one of your cheat days! Experience fantastic muscle growth and faster muscle recovery times with one of the many tasty flavours of Syntha 6 Edge! • Better and Faster Muscle Recovery • Fast and Slow Release Protein • Incredible Muscle Growth Potential • Low Levels of Fat and Sugar • Combination of Premium Proteins • Incredibly Tasty Flavours

What You Need to Know A time release protein blend delivers the double whammy of building muscle strength, whilst helping to repair and recover from your last hard workout session. Syntha 6 Edge is perfect for all ages and genders, for both bulking and dieting phases as it has lower calories and higher protein content. Consume as a post-workout shake, a protein supplement at any time of the day and as a night time beverage. There’s nothing worse than gulping down a protein shake that tastes either of nothing, or is pretty damn horrible! That’s one of the reasons that BSN worked so hard on the new range of flavours to its Syntha 6 Edge product. Not only are you packing in the protein count, but you’re also having a tasty drink at the same time!

How Does it Work? Syntha 6 from BSN has become one of the most popular and widely used protein powders on the marketplace, with taste and performance both delivered. Now, BSN has evolved the product and delivered a flavourful shake that packs an even greater punch than its predecessor!

Versatile Protein Combination – 6 different sources of protein are used to create this amazing protein product, from a range of whey and milk protein sources. Whey protein offers anabolic properties, with milk protein sources providing a slow release of proteins to help prevent muscle breakdown due to low stores of protein in the body.

Higher Protein than Ever Before – Syntha 6 Edge has an incredible 20% higher protein content that the original product, meaning that you can support your muscle growth much faster than ever before! If you are bulking it is a great shake to have as part of your nutritional plan.

Lower Calories for Dieting Phase – The versatility of this product means that it is also great for people in a dieting phase, and with lower calories, reduced sugar and a lower level of fat than in its previous incarnation, Syntha 6 Edge is a perfect dieting companion.

Incredible Taste – All of the muscle growth and repair qualities are fantastic, but the biggest improvement for Syntha 6 Edge is that it tastes great! Even with lower sugar and fat content, this shake delivers a party to your taste buds!