Strom Sports FocusMAX 216g

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Enhance Your Focus with Strom Sports FocusMAX Expertly Formulated Focus Aid

Unlock your full potential with this expertly formulated focus aid, designed to boost your mental clarity and cognitive performance. Whether you’re gearing up for a long day at work or a productive gym session, our focus aid provides the mental edge you need to excel.

Advanced Formula for Superior Cognitive Support

Strom Sports focus aid combines a powerful blend of ingredients meticulously chosen for their cognitive-enhancing properties:

  • Choline 1000mg: Essential for brain health, Choline supports memory and learning.
  • Nac-L-Tyrosine 1000mg: Enhances mood and mental performance by boosting neurotransmitter production.
  • Phosphatidylserine 500mg: Improves memory, focus, and overall brain function.
  • Lions Mane 500mg: A potent mushroom extract that promotes nerve growth and brain health.
  • Rhodiola Rosea 400mg: An adaptogen that reduces fatigue and enhances mental performance.
  • Caffeine 250mg: Provides an immediate energy boost and increases alertness.
  • Juglans Whole Fruit (Walnut) 200mg: Supports brain function with its rich content of essential fatty acids.
  • Black Pepper Extract 10mg: Enhances the absorption of other ingredients for maximum effectiveness.

Perfect for Any Demanding Day

This focus aid is the perfect companion for any demanding day. Take it before a long workday to stay sharp and focused, or use it as a pre-workout supplement to enhance your mental endurance during intense gym sessions. Experience improved concentration, faster reaction times, and better overall cognitive function, no matter what challenges you face.

Elevate your performance with our expertly formulated focus aid and achieve your goals with a clear, focused mind.